About Grunder Green

In 2020, Grunder Landscaping Co began bringing lawn care services for their maintenance clients in-house to improve the quality of lawn care they could offer and to create a seamless experience for clients who wanted an all-in-one partner on their landscaping. In 2022, Grunder Green launched as a sister company to Grunder Landscaping.

Grunder Green 52

Director of Lawn Care Brian Davis spent 2020 and 2021 researching and testing different products in our quest to give our clients the greenest lawns possible. He specially designed a truck setup that makes our team in the field more efficient, so that we can keep our prices low and spend less time disrupting your space.

Today, Grunder Green is a standalone company offering lawn care services and pest control, and we partner with Grunder Landscaping Co. to provide all-in-one solutions to the customers who want it.

5 Star Review

I have been very pleased with services provided by Grunder Landscaping this year. So much so that I recommended them to our new HOA at Yankee Trace. Their customer service is top notch. Thank you to Marty, Chris, and team!

Steve Rubenstein
Main Office
5 Star Review

Chris does an excellent job taking care of my lawn needs. Calling ahead to let us know he's on the way helps with managing our dogs.

William “Mike” Johnson
Main Office